A tool to put engines created in Automation into Assetto Corsa.

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A quick guide on how to use the tool can be found on the How-to page
If you encounter any issues when using the tool try the Fixing-problems page

A stand-alone program that takes data from a combination of:

  • a BeamNG mod exported from Automation (the car is irrelevant – just the engine data is used at the moment)
  • the simulated engine data that is generated by Automation and shown to you when you’re in the engine designer

It generates the following data:

  • an N/A wheel torque-curve in the power.lut based on some assumed drivetrain losses. Currently it bases the mechanical efficiency on the drive-type of the AC though in future I plan to make it configurable.
  • If a turbo is used for the engine then it will generate a turbo section and accompanying turbo controller file to match the boost@RPM values from Automation as closely as it can
  • A coast torque value based on the friction values of the engine in the BeamNG mod
  • The inertia of the engine; again taken from the BeamNG mod
  • Fuel consumption based off the of the efficiency data of the engine.
  • If the existing cars engine weight is known then it will update the car weight based on the difference between the old and new engine weights
  • It updates the auto-shifter based on the RPM of the new engine and if it can find shift leds in the target AC car it will update those to the new engine RPM
  • It generates a new set of UI data for the car based of the new engine